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Brain Gym Introduction
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Brain Gym

Open When learning is seen as work it is ineffective – look at all the executives ‘forced’ to go on training courses. The learning that sticks has a joy of discovery, playfulness. Many executives have been to brainstorming seminars where an atmosphere of deliberate playfulness often stimulates high levels of executive learning for an hour or so. Corporations of the future are going to need to find ways to extend that hour to cover the entire working day. Close

Stuart Crainer & Des Dearlove, 2004

We think nothing of going to the gym for a workout as we are all too aware of the benefits of regular exercise on the body – and indeed, we can see the physical effects and changes the more that we exercise the body.

There are of course further benefits of exercising the body when the release of endorphins gives you an overall enhanced feeling and better mood!

We also know that if we don’t use our muscles through exercise, they begin to lose their tone…….so with The Brain being so important to our function - do we give it a specific, concentrated workout often enough?

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