Cameron Consulting Autumn Newsletter

Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter containing all the latest developments, changes and new programmes designed specifically with our clients in mind.

Homes For Islington Achieve 3* status

Homes for Islington chart

We were delighted when HFI got their 3 stars! And as if 3* were not enough, they were also advised that the service has excellent prospects for improvement – a true case of ‘Good To Great’!

‘an excellent service that has excellent prospects for improvement’

We would like to congratulate them on their success and look forward to our continued role with HFI as Strategic Advisors. For further information about the work that we do with HFI, please call Karen on 01732 897766. Click here to download a copy of their inspection report.

Tandridge District Council – Health Check

Tandridge District Council logo

Tandridge District Council currently provide their repairs and maintenance via their DLO. This contract is being run very successfully, but they had no way of comparing their service levels to that of other similar organisations. We are in the process of carrying out a DLO ‘healthcheck’ which will allow Tandridge to benchmark their services in terms of Value for Money and Best Practice. It is pleasing that initial results show that they are receiving a really good service from their DLO. If your organisation would like to discuss undertaking a Healthcheck for any aspect of your service, please call Heather Langridge on 01732 897766 to discuss your requirements.

Building a partnership – Rykneld Homes

Helping Hands flow chart

Work with Rykneld Homes is progressing nicely and in addition to the Capital Works procurement of contractor partners, we are also working on their Gas Servicing Contracts. Additionally, the residents of Rykneld are now in the middle of the ‘Helping HANDS’ programme – something that really attracted the board of Rykneld to Cameron Consulting. A key group of residents have identified areas they would like to see in the tender documents and will shortly be undergoing the second stage of Helping HANDS where they will be understanding more about tender evaluation, interviews and site visits. If you would like to understand more about engaging your stakeholders and see if Helping HANDS could help you, please contact Karen, 01732 897766.

Catalyst Communities Housing Association

CCHA charts

CCHA are about to commence the re-procurement of their repairs and maintenance contracts. We are delighted to be working with them throughout this programme. CCHA are committed to delivering innovative, value for money services to its customers and to ensure that they maintain this ethos throughout the process, we organized a Soft Market Test to allow potential service providers to engage in early discussion with CCHA and its stakeholders to help shape the future procurement strategy. The feedback from contractors attending the Open Day was excellent and was summed up by Nick Hann, Business Development Manager at Mears Group Plc;

‘I attended the Soft Market Testing day run by Cameron Consulting. It was really refreshing to be asked prior to tender documents being written, what we, as contractors could do to generate better value and deliver a better service to the residents of Catalyst. I am confident that the innovative way that this contract is being re-procured is going to lead to a much better partnership for all – something we at Mears really value’

To find out more about how Soft Market Testing can enhance your procurement programmes, please contact Sarah on
01732 220 922 or

Will ‘Better Buys’ lead to Better Procurement Practice?

When Better Buys was published in February 2008 it took quite a while to absorb the news that the Audit Commission had finally agreed that Consultants to the Public Sector were actually a valuable asset that could improve processes and reduce overall costs! We have spent quite a while digesting the report and its various recommendations. A copy of our summary in relation to Better Buys can be downloaded here.

Download Better Buys summary PDF

More importantly, the type of practices, such as:-

Recommended practice to get achieve better value

What we have done to help our existing clients
Actively managing contracts and supplier performance Kensington Housing Trust
Continued input at Strategic Level to manage the Core Group, acting in strategic adviser capacity and managing their KPI process until contracts are being run to their optimum level.
Understanding how internal processes can increase or decrease the benefits from procurement Rykneld Homes
We are acting as a mentor to ensure that in future their procurement processes are completely streamlined and effective to not only ensure value for money but also to build capability within a newly formed ALMO who need to achieve 2 star status to unlock their funding.
Investing in procurement skills and expertise Medway FT
Previously the NHS was given services as standard – now they are being made to tender for their own services using standard MEAT criteria. Many of the Foundation Trusts and PCT’s do not have in-house capability to respond to the required specifications – we have been working extensively with NHS clients to help them develop their own expertise both in procuring and responding to tenders.
Developing Supply Chain Management Greenwich Council
We have been involved with Greenwich since the inception of a Greenwich: Hackney supply chain. The idea has been recognised as good practice nationally and indeed was mentioned in a report by HQN discussing Effective Procurement/VfM/Contract Arrangements.

These are just a snapshot of activities that Cameron Consulting have been developing extensively with our clients to ensure that they have great success year round. For further information on anything highlighted by this summary, please contact Neil on 01732 897766.

Procurement tree diagram Procurement tree
Some activities have greater potential for efficiency savings than others and some are easier to achieve, but it was found that many associations have not even picked the low hanging or fallen fruit.

For further information about anything contained in the newsletter, please contact us:-
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Public/Private partnership takes on a new meaning!

Heather Langridge

We are pleased to announce that Heather Langridge joined us in September after a 20 year career with Greenwich Council. Heather brings a completely different outlook to the business which is proving not only of benefit to us, but also to our clients who have been impressed with her understanding of their needs. She has been heavily involved from Day 1 and is leading projects with Tandridge District Council, Kensington & Chelsea TMO and Rykneld Homes.

More about Heather


PPC2000 Users Group Conference

This year, Karen was invited to carry out a workshop for the PPC2000 users group conference. It proved a popular choice, having to be run twice for a total of 50 delegates. The theme of the workshop was ‘soft skills in the partnering relationship’ and it tied in beautifully with the presentation of one of the Keynote speakers, Caroline Jantuah who looked at the subject area in much more depth. The objective of the workshop was to give people an idea of how individual team members prefer to interact and we used a little MBTI to help demonstrate how these differences could lead to misunderstandings – it proved to be a lot of fun!

Attendees at the workshop were invited to complete an MBTI questionnaire of their own with the outcomes being sent to them individually – the feedback has been excellent. There were marked differences in the MBTI profiles of client, consultant and contractor and these findings will be discussed in the next PPC2000 users group newsletter – watch this space! For more information on the use of tools such as MBTI/TKI to help build on the success of your partnering team, please contact Karen on 01732 897766 and have a look at the relevant pages on our website.

Building Bright Ideas

Building Bright Ideas – Partner Event

This year’s partner event has received excellent feedback with our partners not only getting a great chance to network but also hear from Jessica Taylor, Partner with Trowers & Hamlin discussing the implications of the Better Buys report and Claudia Nuttgens of Basis discussing the role of Appreciative Inquiry in times of change. As always, the purpose of the partner event is to allow people to build on their CPD requirements, but also to network with like-minded consultants.

On the evening we highlighted several successful partnerships to date and once again we would like to thank the following companies for their continued support in joint working practices.

Logos for Communication Challenge, Marketing2business, Basis, Roughton, SymVolli, Keegans, JGPS, th