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Sizzling Summer Stories from Cameron Consulting
The feedback from our first newsletter of all things ‘Cameron’ received great feedback – so we thought you would enjoy a summer update – even if just to look at the pretty pictures if you can’t leave the office to enjoy the sunshine!
Kensington Housing Trust
Innovative Strategic Alliancing Agreement with Kensington Housing Trust
Cameron Consulting is the Strategic Adviser for Kensington Housing Trust (KHT). We are appointed on a range of capital and revenue programmes including R&M, gas servicing, M&E works, cyclical decorations and kitchen and bathroom replacements with a total annual spend in the region of £10m. Having previously set up these contracts under the partnering contracts PPC2000 and TPC2005, we then prepared a Strategic Alliancing Agreement to bring all providers together to achieve the following common shared objectives:–
  1. To review and stimulate the progress of the Programme;
  2. To monitor/benchmark against the Strategic KPIs;
  3. To promote local training and employment through the programme;
  4. To develop the supply chain;
  5. To review relationships with the residents and stimulate their involvement within the programme;
  6. To develop a shared commitment to sustainable asset management which goes beyond energy efficiency ratings and embraces a full agenda covering matters such as: strategic investments; the specifications, components and processes we use; future maintenance of built systems; the reduction and disposal of waste, and the social and economic sustainability of the communities in which we work.
Members of the Strategic Alliancing Agreement
Members of the Strategic Alliance Group meet regularly to monitor achievement of the above objectives. The Strategic Alliancing Agreement was signed on 23rd April 2008 by all partners. Manpreet Dillon, Managing Director of Kensington Housing Trust commented “KHT is delighted to be working with its partners to ensure we are proving we are providing maximum quality and value to our residents.”
PPC2000 Annual Conference – Save The Date!
This year’s PPC2000 conference is to be held at The Royal York Hotel on 14th October. The title is Strategic Partnering in Changing Times: A new approach to Term Contracts Frameworks & Joint Ventures. It looks set to be a great event with Keynote Presentations from:–
Anne Kirkham, Deputy Director, Decent Homes and Housing Finance, and Caroline Harper Jantauh - Executive Director, Xerion Consulting
The presentation from Caroline is particularly pertinent, as she is going to be looking at the ‘change’ of entering partnering agreements. In line with this, Cameron Consulting have been asked to run a workshop entitled:–
Collaboration and Integration – Striking the right balance integrating & developing the team in Term contracts
We are delighted to be offering something really innovative and are looking forward to a really interactive workshop. Kevin O’Reilly from East Thames will be helping us on the day by illustrating work that has been carried out of a similar nature during the integration of their new constructor/client/resident teams.
CSR Fortunegate Fun Day
We were in the fortunate position to be invited to support the Fortunegate ‘End Of An Era’ Festival in July. They were celebrating the end of a 99 million pound regeneration. Having supported them through their Partnering process we helped on the ‘big’ day by agreeing to support their balloon race. £100 Marks & Spencers vouchers will be given to the person who sends back the balloon tag from furthest away... we’re just wondering how long it will be before we find out who the winner is and if they’re close enough to have a photograph taken with their prize!
Wiltshire Community Health Services
Wiltshire Community Health Services are an arms–length provider to Wiltshire Primary Care Trust. With changes to the NHS led commissioning programmes, they are regularly involved in the tender process and wanted some advice on responding to PQQ’s and Tender documents.
Cameron Evolve
A full training day was run through CameronEvolve covering all aspects of procurement, but at all times mindful of exactly what is required by people responding to tender documents without spending so much time on the response that the ‘real’ work in the office can never get done.
The team were left with clear action plans around dealing with their tender responses and felt far more confident about the expectations they should have of the rest of their team in the generation of response documents.
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Contract wins
Cameron Consulting appointed as Procurement Adviser by Rykneld Homes
Rykneld Homes
We have recently been appointed by the newly formed Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) Rykneld Homes to support them in procuring new capital works contracts to meet their objective of achieving the decent homes standard. Subject to funding, the capital programme could deliver around £90m of improvements over the next 5 years, improving the lives of those living in North East Derbyshire.
Wandsworth Council
Wandsworth Council
We have been appointed as Lead Consultant on a range of roofing projects with a total value of circa £800k on behalf of Wandsworth Council.
Catalyst Communities Housing
Catalyst Communities
We have been appointed to advise on a re-procurement strategy for Catalyst Communities Housing Association. This work will comprise strategic advice embracing market testing and developing a procurement strategy for the re-procurement of their repairs and maintenance contract to around 14,500 homes in West London and Thames Valley area. The commission also includes for the re-procurement of the new contract in accordance with EU Regulations.
Proud to sponsor...
Anthony Nolan Trust
Brain Gym Profits Percentage to go to Antony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust
Brain Gym
As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we made a commitment at the start of the year that 2.5% of the fees from our Brain Gym programmes would be donated to charity once a year. We spent quite a long time deciding which charity to work with and were delighted when Antony Nolan agreed that our Values as a business were a great fit with theirs as a charity. We are currently updating our website to reflect this. In the meantime, to learn more about Brain Gym – click on the symbol above!
New employee
Sarah Rae
Sarah Rae has joined our administration team helping us keep those all important documents and meeting requests flowing just the way our clients like them. Sarah comes from a corporate banking background and worked in the City of London for several years. Having taken time out to look after her two young children, Sarah decided to return to work closer to home and now joins us working on a part time basis. Sarah will be providing support doing everything from arranging our client meetings to managing our Customer Satisfaction Programme – so expect a call from her sometime soon!
In her spare time, Sarah enjoys socialising with friends as well as playing golf, skiing and spending time with her family.