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When a new package arriving isn’t as exciting as it seems…….

We often wait for packages to arrive.  Packages with gifts, packages with new books to read, packages which cause great excitement and anticipation because the recipient wasn’t expecting anything…..but, there is nothing like the 3 ‘new’ packages proposed for everyone to understand following draft agreement of the updated EU Directives.

When it comes to EU Procurement Directives, not many of us anticipate the same level of excitement as a surprise gift arriving.  So, what does this look like?

Not much at the moment.

What we know:-

  • Things are changing
  • There will be a new concessionaire set of process guidance in addition to the current utilities and public sector
  • We should be able to make procurement ‘faster’

But with a number of ongoing uncertainties around where, when, how and why, where does this leave those who wish to continue to undertake best practice and procure using effective supply management and purchasing knowledge and tools whilst making sure that a nod is given to the fact that things must change – and soon?

I mentioned concessions – and this is the perfect example of where things must change.  During a recent catering concessionaire procurement, it became apparent that the regulations were not assistive in any way.  This got us to thinking, wouldn’t it be great if someone offered a practical note on some of the current and critical issues in procurement?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone imparted knowledge, set out in a simple way which makes implementation straightforward perhaps mingled with a little humour just to get through the duller elements of purchasing?

That’s what will happen here.

Each week, we will cover a different topic (starting with practical implementation of the new directives) and all suggestions for future topics are more than welcome…….