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New EU Directives – Reasons to be cheerful #1

We don’t have to do anything – yet!

Although the Directives were passed on the 15th January 2014, they still have to be translated into UK Law.  This process is ongoing. Cabinet Office assurances are that they will essentially ‘transpose’ the Directives line by line – and they must be super confident of this fact as there have already been Public Sector training sessions on ‘The New Directives’.

In theory, the ultimate aim of these changes is for simplicity.  It is hoped that these changes will make the rules and processes clearer for everyone.  However, the changes are also intended to allow some process flexibility which sounds great in principle – but flexible and ‘rules’ don’t necessarily always work hand in hand.  So…..over the next few months, the blog is going to provide Practical Pointers that should hopefully assist anyone involved in Public Procurement.

The first of these next week will look specifically at what you can start doing now to help with some of the information you will need when the new directives come into force.

In the coming weeks there will be practical pointers on how you can start to implement some excellent practices into your current procedures while still maintaining compliance with the current directives.

As always, if there isn’t a blog on here yet that assists with a query you might have relating to procurement, do just contact the team who will do everything they can to assist.

Upcoming practical pointers:-

  • Collecting data that can be used for past performance
  • Implementing E-Procurement simply
  • Making instructions as clear as they possibly can be

If you have a topic you would like to see covered off, just ask – we’ll see what can be done!