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Twist of fate…….

A level results day always gets me thinking. In a way, it must be great to get the ‘planned results’ and go and do the Uni course you’ve chosen….BUT what about all those people who end up with slightly different results to those anticipated, end up perhaps going through clearing and ending up on a totally different but perhaps more rewarding path? Not that I’m suggesting fate plays any part in the way our life pans out, but if you could reverse time – would you do anything different (other than study harder!!)

As an organisation founded on Professionalism (which includes ongoing qualifications; CPD etc), we take education quite seriously……but a quick straw poll in the office threw up some interesting results – not a single one of us really ended up on the path we believed we were destined for at the end of our teens (for some it was a great struggle to actually remember that period of time!)

The ‘dreams and aspirations’ of the team aged 16 varied from the sublime to the ridiculous.  We’ve heard tales of 16 year olds wanting to be:-

  • Radio DJ’s
  • Forensic Scientists
  • Midwives & Doctors

I haven’t yet heard anyone say that they wanted to be a ‘professional shopper’ which in essence is what we are.  So then we asked whether anyone even knew about purchasing as a career choice/profession aged 17.  The resounding response was “no”, with the exception of Karen who quite categorically announced “I was quite good at shopping in my teens”.

In essence, we all arrived here due to a series of twists of fate – and actually, it’s not a bad place to be.  We have lovely clients. We have some fantastic results around solutions we identify and most importantly, everyone has a real sense of pride in their now chosen profession.

I suppose the big message is to remember that If you don’t achieve something now, there are so many opportunities and paths that you could end up following which will be as (if not more) fulfilling and though it may feel like the end of the world if you have to sit on the line to the clearing teams at Universities today the best approach is to be completely open minded to the opportunities that are presented to you, grasp them with both hands and let fate take you on its chosen path! To those who got the grades that they wished – very well done….now go and relax, you’ll need all your strength in place for Freshers Week!