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Public Procurement Confused

No such thing as a free lunch…..

It’s fair to say that the Public Procurement Regulations 2015 were implemented at quite some speed – and guidance in their implementation is following rapidly behind!

This blog provides a quick snapshot of all information released to date and while Cabinet Office is providing some guidance in use of these pieces of documentation, we are still receiving regular queries from those trying to kick off procurement exercises “in the new world”.

  • Where can I find the Regulations?

Access to the Regulations are pinned to the top of the Cameron Consulting Twitter Feed – because we know how frustrating it will be trying to find them in a months time!

  • Implementation Tools (Generally)

Cabinet Office have published the following assistive tools, some in partnership with CIPS which is refreshing.

  1. Public Procurement Note (PPN) “Making public procurement more accessible to SME’s”  
  2. A standardised PQQ (with guidance) recommended for use – Guidance here | Standardised PQQ here
  3. Lord Young Reforms – FAQ’s
  4. Detail on use of Contracts Finder for all procurements >£25,000
  5. Prompt Payment of undisputed invoices

Confused yet?  Not surprising really as these points really only cover the implementation of the Lord Young Reforms which have been implemented within the updated Public Procurement Regulations. There really still isn’t guidance on “day to day” changes including regulation numbering changes which will affect routine procurement tasks – meaning that all your standard documentation needs to be updated, and quickly if you haven’t already done it!

Of course, if despite the fast moving changes and documentation sets coming out you are still a little lost, Cameron Consulting can assist with the implementation of the new regulations – as with all of our projects, we offer different service levels depending on the need of the organisation.

We are also offering lunchtime ‘implementation’ training sessions to Contracting Authorities which offer a snapshot of the critical changes and how these need to be considered before commencing purchasing activities.  To book this, please just get in touch……you see, sometimes in life, there is such a thing as a free lunch!