Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Olympic Games in London were quite something to behold.  On the evening of the opening ceremony, I was actually with one of our client groups just after their new framework had been launched and inadvertently stumbled upon quite possibly the tallest man I had ever had the privilege of meeting (he was very charming too!) Bob Beamon, at 6ft 3 stood some 1ft 3 inches above me, recounting his tale of holding the long jump record for an enormous amount of time.   All I could think was ‘wow, what a legacy’.  It never occurred to me, that walking home that evening, there would be a pavement sticker which was the length of ‘the jump’.  Try as I might, at 5ft, there was no way I was even getting a tenth of the way toward his distance.  But it got me thinking – what was London going to do to try and carry on the legacy of these marvellous tales?

I haven’t actually had to think too hard about it as Cameron Consulting are involved in some amazing legacy projects. Of greatest interest, we’re seeing the legacy from the two very different perspectives always intended – housing & sport.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to assist Sport England; Football Foundation; England Hockey & Rugby Football Union on projects which are specifically intended to bring alive the legacy.  These ‘inspired facilities’ projects require professional and technical support.  As a result, Prior Information Notices (PIN) have been issued to procure Managing Quantity Surveyors and a manufacturer led framework of organisations to supply and install artificial grass pitches (AGP). A soft market test has already been undertaken and the contract notices will soon be issued.  Of course, the ‘sporting’ legacy is felt nationwide rather than solely in the Olympic Borough of Newham.

London Borough of Newham (LBN) has been working hard to create a lasting legacy from the Games for residents with a specific focus on getting people into work.  Indeed, the borough is on the way to meeting target investment of £22bn by 2025.  Some of this investment will be in securing and improving housing within the borough.  To assist with this legacy development, LBN is in the process of procuring a wide variety of constructors and consultants.  One of the overarching aims will be ensuring local employment and investment in local supply chain.  The procurement strategy is still being developed to ensure that the legacy demands are fully met.

To participate in the soft market test (associated with PIN 2014/S 029-045737), please use the following links depending on the nature of services/works your company provides

For constructors

For consultants

So, I suppose on reflection, seeing first hand the way in which the Olympic Legacy is being driven by key stakeholders, it’s clear that perhaps while Olympics bring out demonstrations of skill, stamina and bravery for individuals and teams – we can all be involved in some way of ensuring the legacy lives on.