Monthly Archives: January 2014

It’s like Christmas all over again…….

As a child, I used to nervously await the visit from good old Father Christmas with bated breath……how times have changed when the ‘surprise’ that is getting Procurement Professionals excited is the agreement of the new Public Procurement Regulations – I assume now to be known PPR(2014)!

This has been almost as hotly anticipated as Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, but equally their final agreement had as many false starts.  So now, we are faced with new regulations for 2014 which have been speculated about to within an inch of their life

“There will be a standard PQQ’

“Everyone will self certify”

“From now on, SME’s will get a fair crack at the whip”

Having read the initial press release, it looks as though there are no great surprises, but with ‘stronger’ ability to test Abnormally Low Tenders and an emphasis of MEAT criteria, there is certainly a lot to get excited about.

Clearly, to the outside world, this publication is nowhere remotely as exciting as Father Christmas, but for those working in Public Procurement, there is now a greater emphasis on ensuring that the directives are implemented smoothly and as aligned with the directives as possible to maintain the integrity of public buying.

We will be working through the directive when it’s published and offering ‘practical’ tips for buyers (and suppliers!) as we go.  To keep updated with our publications, please make sure you either follow our twitter feed or subscribe to our newsletter